The Myth of Willpower in Sugar Withdrawals
 How to Quit or Control Sugar in Your Life, Stop the Cravings, Lose Weight and Keep It Off - All While Staying Sane and Enjoying a Normal Social Life.
Learn the two things no diet book will ever teach you about weight loss and sugar. Once you know these little know gems you’ll be free from sugar cravings FOREVER!
Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to keep your promise to yourself - like you’re wrestling with yourself - about quitting or reducing sugar?

Have the intense cravings and awkward social and family situations been a problem?

If this sounds like you - here’s a simple step by step plan to:
Quit or cut back on sugar once and for all. 
These days you can’t open a magazine, log on to the Internet or turn on a newscast anymore without seeing the dangers of sugar.

Excess weight is now the least of our worries. 

For the first time in history a new generation of children are not expected to live as long as their parents.  

And one of the culprits is SUGAR.
Almost every best selling diet book ever printed has the same advice in it, no matter what else it says, you always see: 
Quit - The - White - Stuff!
Do a Sugar Detox!
  • The South Beach Diet
  • The Atkins Diet
  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Zone Diet
  • The Dukan Diet
  • The Protein Power Diet
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • Sugar Busters (duh)
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • And 100’s of others preach the same message…
...cut back or eliminate sugar!
EVERYONE tries to quit or cut back.
A quick side note:
**I seriously believe, with all my heart, that everyone who attempts to curb their sugar has the best of intentions at heart to start out with.**
The problem is that the are some “unknowns” that no diet, or the now even more popular - sugar detoxes, addresses.

Serious flaws in the presentation of the information and the continued support of the client exist.

We believe the issue stems from a lack of actual long term successes in every program listed above and all the “johnny come lately” programs out there. 
3 or 10 or 21 or 30 days of a sugar detox - does not a balanced life make.
Most everyone ends up gaining all their weight back and then some!
Some folks can make it through the detox. They’ll see a little weight loss, sometimes a LOT of weight loss, they’ll feel better, look better, sleep better.

Then trouble starts --- and you know this statistic, it’s over 90% --- in the ability to maintain both the weight loss and the sugar control.
Is sugar just that powerful?
So powerful that you can’t quit it?   

Are humans, once introduced to sugar, addicted like the rats in all the studies
We don’t think so.
What we have learned - from over 30 years of data, - is that the average person, one who shows a susceptibility to sugar, will have a hard time quitting without SUPPORT.
Yes, support.
THE one key ingredient that most all “diet programs” leave out is the long term, on going support.
If they are successful at facilitating a great support system, then they need to sell you tons of other stuff (like food) to make a profit -- or they want to dictate to you your spiritual beliefs.
Until now.
Enter: The Internet...
“Cutting Edge, Video Based, Step by Step Plan + Support = Success”
Those old face to face meetings like Overeaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers(™) are successful for the folks who have the time and inclination to actually go to the meetings all the time and literally build an entire new group of friends. Sometimes we need people who have traveled the same path as us to relate to.

Members follow a system and more importantly they cultivate a new group of friends who teach and encourage them on their journey... 

- that part is very valuable!
         - Even the most introverted people benefit from this.
But not all of us all of have:
  • The kind of dedicated time and commitment needed to attend all those meetings
  • The desire to be that open about our all our deepest issues
  • And honestly folks, unless you live in a Major US city most people don’t even have access to these options.
What we have found in the five years we’ve been running this program is that the connectivity of the Internet is more than enough for people to feel supported and get the information they need to change this learned behavior.
That’s all sugar use or misuse is - just a learned behavior.
Hi, my name is Michael Collins. 

By now, you’re probably asking...

Who am I and how can I make these claims?
  • I’ve been sugar-free for almost 30 years.
  • My wife and I raised two children sugar free from the womb to six years old after which time they only had sugar about once a month for their entire childhood.
  • Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people quit or drastically cut back on sugar, lose weight and begin to trust themselves again. 
  • I’ve been working with people who want to change their lives for over 30 years, helping them to regain their lives ravaged by substance use disorders.
  • To say this is my passion, my life's work, might be a touch of an understatement. :-)
One thing I can promise you is that you will never look at sugar again in the same way.  And not in a negative, like you did something bad way, but more like you as a pioneer.  Someone who saw, realized and conquered a really bad habit - and honestly folks that’s all it is.
Just few other things you can look forward to happening very quickly…
  • Natural, steady weight loss with no crazy exercise
  • Your skin will glow in just a few weeks
  • Greatly improved sleep
  • Real, tasty food - no pills, potions or shakes to buy
  •  End sugar cravings forever
  • A very specific meal plan - no guesswork on recipes
  • End “brain fog” in just a few weeks
  • Improve your mood quickly, heal your dopamine receptors
  • Many people cut back or totally eliminate medications of all kinds
  • Make more satisfying food choices...
  • Increased energy - finally wake up refreshed!
  • Better concentration
  • Learn to care for yourself in deep way
  • Take back control of your health
Take a look at the results, from people just like you, who have worked with us at the “Quit Sugar Now” online institute.
Karen from Erie, Pa says:
“I followed Mike's advice and was kind to myself. Believe it or not that helped tremendously. There are ways to be kind to yourself without food! Who knew?”
About the program Karen says: 
“The benefits of not consuming sugar are pretty amazing. I lost weight. In fact, the weight came off more quickly than it ever did during every "diet" I ever tried.

My energy increased. I was concerned I would not have energy without a mid­day sugar treat. I was also afraid that I would not be able to sleep without a late night sweet snack. My energy returned and so did a good night's sleep.”
Nicki from Tampa, FL says:
“I had decided that binge eating, diuretics and diet pills would be a better option. I was so unbelievably tired that I took speed to wake up in the morning. I once stayed awake all night thinking of the next best diet.

 I felt like I was the fattest unhealthiest person I knew.”
About the program Nicki says: 
“It was so worth it! I got stronger, healthier and lowered my blood pressure and the best part I lost weight. The weight loss was natural and I didn’t need diet pills, diuretics or shakes anymore. 

Today I am 45 years old and proud to say I am sugar free!
So what’s included in the “Quit Sugar Now” video-based, online system?
A complete 100+ page guidebook, complete with food plans and recipes. 
Every step of the journey is mapped out in deep, deep detail.  

Topics covered in detail include:
  • Sugar detox the easy way
  • Are withdrawals real? And how to deal with them
  • After the detox - the simple way to keep the weight off
  • Exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat
  • Tasty recipes and meals for the entire week
  • What to do about non-supportive family members
  • Why social events will be easy if you follow this one rule
  • How to be safe when you’re traveling
  • Navigate sticky social situations with ease
  • All this and more covered in depth
AND if you’re not a big reader we have over 25 videos - almost three hours of instruction - that follows the study guide so you can just watch, instead of read, or download and listen on your phone!
Every chapter has a corresponding video to explain and walk you through!
We want this to be accessible to everyone no matter how much time they have.
Also, for a very limited time only we will be “Grandfathering In” a very small beta group of people to our already existing, high level, private forum as a test to see if we can have a higher percentage of success:
  • We would normally charge hundreds of dollars monthly for this level of support.
  • This SECRET, totally private forum group is free when you sign up today! The people in that group are kind, supportive and ready to help - because - “they’ve been where you are now”.
  • It’s the REAL secret sauce! Health professionals, working moms, busy executives and people from all walks of life all coming together to make sure you are successful.
This technology is incredible no matter who you are. 

No one in your circle will even know you are participating. You can be as active as you like or just listen for a time as real, live mentors guide you on your journey and answer all of your questions.

Once you’re an insider, once you’re in here you’ll wonder why how you lived you life without these folks in it. I’m dead serious. These people want you to become the best you possible.
Even if you’re in the middle of a binge at 2 in the morning, right now, just log on and get some support!
You read that right.
This benefit helps even the most introverted folks. Totally non-judgmental, we only care that you are supported in your journey and have the answers to your questions when you need them!

AND for an even shorter time I am offering a free 30 minute phone or Skype consult to everyone who joins us. I want to get you started right! 

This is a $300 value alone! Together we will create your plan and help walk you out of this.
I have an ulterior motive as well. This new group I’m forming will have in it everything we’ve learned over the last five years teaching this in a formal setting. I want to interview everyone personally so we know exactly what variables we need to watch to be even more successful!

Also included:
  • A guided, step by step Sugar Detox Plan - we even tell you which days are best!
  • What to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it - NOTHING is left to chance 
  • Daily Menus so there is a clear road map of tasty foods to eat every day.
  • No pills, potions or shakes to buy.
I know you’re wondering right now if you can afford all this.
I want to allow as many people as possible to have access to not only this information but more importantly the newest tribe we are forming.
I've set the price low enough to do just that.
We also want everyone to have a choice on how they participate. We understand that some folks just aren’t “joiners” - online or anywhere. No worries, we have you covered and you can even join us later after you’ve reviewed the materials...
Limited Time Offer
If this type of video and audio based learning and rapid change system doesn’t work for you we still want you to be happy and pursue ways that might work for you. 

If by chance it’s not for you we want you to feel perfectly comfortable in asking for 100% of your purchase price to be refunded with absolutely no questions asked!
Let me take all the risk.
Our Iron Clad 100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy:
If at anytime in the next 90 days you feel like this way of quitting or controlling sugar in your life is not working for you just ask for a complete refund. No questions asked.
I’ll see you on the inside real soon.
Let's Recap...
Limited Time Offer
I’ve made helping people with sugar issues my life’s work.
Seeing you thriving after you regain control of sugar in your life is it’s own reward.

If you think we can help you walk out of this issue please put your trust in us this one time. 

We’ll earn a spot in your heart after that.